Mercury Poisoning

Successfully Navigating Chronic Mercury Poisoning / Amalgam Illness


The following are supplements and products that I have found helpful during the chelation process. Generally I have chosen the best values so you will see a lot of NOW brand supplements simply because there was not enough differentiation between products that justified using more expensive supplements.


Understanding that the body’s natural detoxification system runs through your gut makes digestion support extremely important. The liver excretes mercury containing bile into your upper intestine so having proper gut flora and mercury binders like chlorella speeds natural detoxification.


Proper gut flora helps to oust harmful bacteria and fungus like candida. Unfortunately I suffered from somewhat frequent yeast infections in the year prior to being diagnosed with mercury poisoning. Starting a probiotic blend and chelating helped to signficantly reduce and eventually eliminate this problem.


Chlorella is a controversial supplement in the mercury community. Some promote it as a chelator, however I don’t view it that way. I view it as a digestive aid that prevents mercury repoisoning via the bile reuptake loop. Those who view it as a chelator suggest taking massive doses: greater than 15 grams and up to 60 grams per day. My sweet spot was right around 5-10 grams depending on when I was chelating and the supplment I was taking. During the first 10 rounds of IV chelation I would notice that if I didn’t take chlorella before eating I would get redistribution symptoms approximately 1 hour after my meal. I would stick with 1-2 grams before each meal.

NOW 1000 mg

This was a cheaper chlorella that seemed to worked well, however I would later find out that it had relatively higher levels of aluminum and lead than Source Naturals.

Source Naturals 500 mg

From my research Source Naturals was one of the least contaminated chlorella supplements available, so at round 7 of IV chelation I switched over to this chlorella. This was a noticeably strong supplement. Whereas with the NOW chlorella I could take 3-4 grams at a meal, I can only take 1-2 grams without some level of discomfort.

Mineral Support


Mercury has an affinity for zinc binding sites in nerve and organ tissue. This disrupts thousands of biochemical processes. When my holistic doctor gave me a zincum homeopathic remedy, I noticed significantly fewer muscle spasms for about a week, before symptoms started to return and increase (this was before amalgam removal).


Magnesium provides relief from spasms as it can displace mercury. Magnesium, like Vitamin C, can be taken to bowel tolerance. Therefore it can be used as laxative as well if BMs become problematic. Additionally I used magnesium salts in my clay baths to get direct absorption through the skin, bypassing the digestive process.


Large fish on the upper end of the food chain typically have high selenium which is known to help counteract heavy metal poisoning and boost glutathione production.


Vitamin B12 Complex

An expensive supplement, but if you are going to detox naturally this will significantly help. Vitamin B12 methylizes mercury and helps the liver process and excrete heavy metals through the bile. I took 1 capsule twice a day with meals.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a glutathione recycler and a chelator at very high doses. Some practitioners use high dose intravenous Vitamin C as part of a chelation regimen or include them in solutions like the Myer’s Cocktail.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that is vital in maintaining a properly functioning immune system. In my case, I was severely deficient, with my 25-OH test showing a level of 23. With a couple months of supplementation I was able to raise that level to 73. This is very important because Vitamin D at the proper levels boost glutathione production and helps to jumpstart the body’s natural detoxificaton cycle. Add vitamins C and E to help recycle glutathione and you have a very good and relatively inexpensive detoxification system.

Vitamin E

Another glutathione recycler. I noticed marginally fewer benefits from vitamin E compared to vitamin C and D.

Amino Acids

Kavinace (Taurine / GABA)

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that impairs your ability to think and reason. Kavinace is easily the most important supplment that I took. I initially took it to control anxiety attacks that seem to be common among the mercury poisoned. I found out later that Taurine has been shown to have protective properties to the kidneys during metal intoxication which is hugely important during chelation and the subsequent repoisoning after each round. It’s expensive but priceless. Get it at Pure Formulas.


NAC has been shown to marginally increase glutathione production. This makes sense as its primary component is the amino acid cysteine, one of the components of glutathione. This supplment is not without controversy however. People with kidney problems may want to steer clear as it has been suggested that it may cause kidney damage.

Sunflower Lecithin

Lecithin is used as an emulsifier. However, I took lecithin because of its choline content since choline is an important component of nerve tissue. Mercury can cause oxidative damage to nerve tissue and Sunflower Lecithin was one of the only products that I took that was able to reduce pain and tingling in my nerves. Suggested dose is 1 capsule with every meal or when tingling occurs.

Bentonite Clay

Other than chelation bentonite clay baths were the most noticeably helpful modality for relieving mercury toxicity symptoms. Bentonite clay has the ability to bond to heavy metals that are excreted through your largest organ: the skin. Taking the detoxification load off of your kidneys and liver are literally a life saver.

Aztec Secrets: Indian Healing Bentonite Clay

This is a very basic bentonite clay that I initially used because it was available at a local natural foods store. It did very well to relieve muscle spasms and nerve tingling. The 2 lb bottle cost about $13 at the store and I’ve seen it as low as $10 on Amazon. There was enough product to last around 5-6 baths putting your cost per bath at $2.60 at the high end. To me it was priceless relief.

LL Magnetic Clay

Whereas the Aztec Secrets clay is a general purpose Bentonite clay, LL Magnetic Clay blends clay formulas that are specifically for detoxification. They provide formulas for Mercury, Copper, Lead, Arsenic, Aluminum, Environmental toxins, Formaldehyde, Radiation and a couple more. If you have the resources to splurge a bit I would try these products out. Just be careful because they are fairly strong.

Dental Amalgam Formula

This is a far more expensive clay, however the producer claims that it is formulated for treating people dental amalgams. I would use this clay if you still have amalgams and need symptom relief. View more at their website.

Mercury II Formula

This is a variation of the dental amalgam formula that adds cilantro and chlorella. Some evidence suggests that cilantro is a heavy metal mobilizer, while chlorella can bind to heavy metals. I would be more cautious with this formula as cilantro has been suggested to cross the blood brain barrier and can lead to some metal redistribution symptoms. View more at their website.