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6 Months Post Amalgam Status Update

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February 28, 2015 marked a milestone in a couple ways for me. Most importantly it was my ¾ anniversary. My wife and I were married on Leap Day 2012. I’m very lucky to have a patient wife that has been supportive during this entire episode. Second, and more relevant to the blog is that I am now six months post-amalgam.

20 Rounds of Chelation

I happened to fininsh Round 20 of chelation on Thursday and I’m feeling quite a bit better than when I last posted. I was going through a severe mercury dump that was painful to just about every organ on my body, but most intensely focused on my kidneys. I was taking very large amounts of vitamin C to counter the attack and to prevent any permanent damage.

Things now are quite a bit different. I’ve now done 10 rounds of IV DMPS, 1 round of EDTA, and 9 rounds of Cutler Protocol with DMSA + ALA. I don’t have any kidney pain and generally I’m down to just a few symptoms: parasthesia, spasms, thyroid issues and general malaise. I’d definitely say I’m over the hump in terms of the mercury dump. Hopefully, that was the last severe mercury dump and its mostly smooth sailing from here.

Chelation Progress

I’m still doing 100 mg DMSA + 12.5 mg of ALA. I still get a little woozy with the ALA so I’ve been reluctant to add to it, although I will probably try to bump up to 18 mg with my next round starting Tuesday. I can’t say I’m in a hurry to increase my dose, especially at the detriment of any other facets of health.

Here’s to another month of progress! I’m hoping for a 12-18 month total recovery time.