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Is Your Deodorant Rash Signaling Heavy Metal Toxicity?

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Do you get rashes from deodorants? If so then maybe you should check the ingredient’s list. Apart from aluminum, a heavy metal that you should probably be avoiding anyways, many deodorants contain Ethylenediaminetetraacetic (EDTA).

What is EDTA?

I’ve mentioned EDTA when I covered my experience with it when testing for lead poisoning. As you may have deduced, EDTA is an FDA approved lead chelator. One of its side effects is rash.

Deodorant Rashes

I’ve always had a rough time with deodorants causing rashes. As a result, I’ve simply switched over to natural deodorants. I originally thought that the problems were due to the aluminum. However, after going through the EDTA Challenge test, I had a rash on my right hand that looked oddly familiar to the deodorant rashes. So I checked the ingredient list on the stick of deodorant that had caused the rash. Lo and behold, EDTA was staring me in the face.

My logic leads me to believe that my deodorant was signaling metal toxicity very early on, probably in my teens and twenties, however there was no commonly accepted reason for why a rash might occur other than you might be sensitive to some chemical in it. My experience with heavy metal poisoning suggests that there is a very good reason why you might have a rash when using deodorants: Heavy Metals. So next time you develop a rash from your deodorant, switch to a natural deodorant and consider mercury or lead toxicity as a potential cause.