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5 Months Post Amalgam Removal Update

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5 Months Amalgam Free

Today I’m celebrating 5 months of being amalgam filling free. Life has improved signficiantly over the last few months with only 2-3 days a week sucking instead of 7 out of 7 days. I’m able to comfortably work 40+ hours a week, whereas I used to only be able to work 20-30 hours. Unfortunately, this week I’ve been celebrating my 5 months with a mercury dump.

What is a Mercury Dump?

Andy Cutler explains on page 52 of his book Amalgam Illness that there is a period, typically between 2-6 months where your organs begin ‘dumping’ mercury rather gleefully resulting in an increase in mercury toxicity symptoms. Parting my Clouds has an excellent image that explains the process.

Mercury Dumping Phase

My Post Amalgam Experience

My current mercury dump is actually my second. My first dump phase occurred at 2 months and lasted for about 1 month. My symptoms were quite bad with severe fatigue, brain fog, mild Mad Hatter syndrome, muscle spasms, tingling, persistent numbness, itching, and burning sensations in the muscles. By comparison, this current mercury dump is actually somewhat mild.

What I’m doing to Counter the Mercury Dump

DMSA Chelation

In short? DMSA Chelation without ALA, bentonite clay baths and supplements. I’ve been on 100mg of DMSA and 12.5 mg ALA using the Cutler protocol for several weeks now after doing 10 rounds of DMPS. With the DMPS injections, I wouldn’t receive the benefits of going 3 days on with DMSA. The DMSA significantly blunts the symptoms of mercury toxicity for the entirety of the round, whereas during my first mercury dump I didn’t feel any positive effect of the chelation. Only after the dump was over did I start feeling some relief from DMPS IVs.

An important note here is that during this dump I stopped taking ALA because I was getting severe fatigue and brain fog. This makes sense since ALA can cross the blood brain barrier and if I’m going through a dump phase, then it is likely that the mercury concentration is higher outside of the brain leading to mercury wanting to cross INTO and not OUT of the brain. Prior to this dump I was taking the ALA and had no problems other than the occassional “pulling” sensation in my brain.

I also made the mistake of eating a little too much cilantro which led to a bout Mad Hatter Syndrome. Luckily, I was able to squash this bout with a clay bath.

Bentonite Clay Baths

The bentonite clay baths are especially effective when spasms and bouts of Mad Hatter Syndrome start to kick in. At this point I’m down to taking baths once every couple of days instead of once or twice a day. However, I still like to supplement them with foot baths while I’m working.


I’m continuing the use of supplements as well, primarily anti-oxidants and glutathione boosters to help aid the natural detoxification process. Vitamins C, D, and E have been my “go-to” supplements along with Milk Thistle.

What’s Next?

Hopefully I’m nearing the peak of this dump phase and I’ll start moving down the right side of the chart very soon. This would probably put me on an 18-24 month chelation / recovery schedule.