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Successfully Navigating Chronic Mercury Poisoning / Amalgam Illness

Testing for Lead Poisoning With the Calcium EDTA Challange

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After performing the DMPS challenge, my Doctor suggested I also take the Calcium EDTA challenge to determine whether my symptoms might be caused by Lead poisoning. Some alternative doctors use EDTA to treat Arteriosclerosis as an alternative to angioplasty, and while there might be some benefit to it, I’m not really interested in that for our purposes. Instead, I’m going to discuss EDTA in the context of Mercury and Lead poisoning.

EDTA Challenge Test

The EDTA Challenge Test is very similar to the DMPS Challenge Test. A solution of Calcium EDTA is administered intravenously over about 20 minutes, urine is collected for 6 hours and the urine sample is analyzed for levels of heavy metals.


I took the EDTA challenge approximately 3 weeks after the DMPS Challenge. Post DMPS Challenge, I had a rough time dealing with the resettling and redistribution effects of chelation. However, it was manageable. On the other hand, the EDTA challenge was very rough on my body. I learned afterwards that EDTA is strong enough to mobilize mercury, however the bond that EDTA forms with mercury is very weak so instead of carrying the mercury out, it just redistributes the mercury. This is VERY dangerous and can cause SEVERE side effects. In my case, I had a lot of organ pain, brain fog and rashes. I was able to counter the organ pain with antioxidants and Kavinace, and I used bentonite clay on the rashes to draw out any toxins through the skin.

If you believe that you are mercury poisoned DO NOT do the EDTA Challenge. It is like stirring up a hornets nest. The EDTA will mobilize mercury and resettle it in place that may be worse (e.g. critical organs and the brain) than its original place. It is definitely too risky to play with other organs and your brain. DMPS and mercury are risky enough.


EDTA Challenge Test Result

Overall, EDTA challenge was relatively inconclusive. The levels of Aluminum and Lead were above the reference range for unprovoked urine samples, however they weren’t as alarming as the mercury levels from the DMPS Challenge. Therefore my plan was to conntinue with DMPS chelation.


  1. If you believe you are mercury poisoned DO NOT take an EDTA Challenge
  2. If you believe you are mercury poisoned DO NOT take an EDTA Challenge
  3. If you believe you are mercury poisoned DO NOT take an EDTA Challenge