Mercury Poisoning

Successfully Navigating Chronic Mercury Poisoning / Amalgam Illness

Mercury Free: Consult With a Biological Dentist

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After getting some good news from the neurologist, I decided it was time to get my amalgams out. My symptoms kept worsening and mercury poisoning seemed like the link that could cause all of them.

Amalgam Removal Protocol

It’s incredibly important when removing your amalgams to work with a dentist who specializes in mercury free dentistry. You can search for a biolical dentist near you at the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) website. Here is their explanation of how mercury fillings should be removed.

Is there a proper way to remove mercury fillings?

To prevent additional mercury exposure, find a biological dentist properly trained in mercury filling removal. Patients should inquire about the following amalgam removal protocols: Utilizing an efficient suction system in the oral cavity with a special tip or its equivalent to contain amalgam particles and mercury vapors. 

Operating a vacuum system at maximum efficiency. 

Applying copious amounts of water to the filling during removal. 

Removing the amalgam in large segments to minimize the generation of mercury vapor and amalgam particulate. 

Providing the patient and dental staff with a mercury-free source of air.

To summarize:

  1. Dental Dam to prevent chunks of amalgam from being swallowed
  2. Vacuum to remove mercury vapors
  3. Secondary oxygen source

Even these precautions do not fully prevent mercury from entering the bloodstream. I would quickly experience some of the after-effects of amalgam removal. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I went to a dentist who didn’t take these precautions.

The Most Thorough Dental Exam Ever

My dentist was without a doubt the most throrough I’d every met. He checked for temporomandibular joint problems and other aches and pains that can be caused by dental issues. He noted the swollen lymph glands in my neck and excessive salivation were likely caused by mercury poisoning. He also had a fantastic chart on the effects of mercury on the nervous system and organs.

Toxicity from Dental Mercury

He then did an examination of my teeth and counted my 6 amalgam fillings. His plan was to extract the amalgam and replace them with composite fillings, one side at a time, one week apart. I signed up immediately.

Amalgam Removal Round One

In the 5 days between my initial consult and amalgam removal I developed fatigue, light senstivity, eye floaters, and metallic taste in my mouth. Needless to say I was ready for the mercury to be out of my mouth.

The removal of my first 3 fillings on the left side of my mouth was straight forward. The dentist applied the precautions above and was done within an hour. He recommended taking large doses of Chlorella and Vitamin C to counteract some of the mercury that entered the bloodstream following the mercury extraction. The next week would be rough due to this more acute mercury poisoning.

Side Effects

Thyroid swelling and fatigue continued after round one of amalgam extraction. However, a new symptom appeared: Dizziness/Vertigo. It became difficult and anxiety filled event to walk as I didn’t know if I would be able to stand up or walk in a straight line. I even woke up at 2:00 am and had dizziness so extreme that it triggered an anxiety attack. Kavinace came to the rescue though and calmed my racing thoughts and heart rate. My wife mentioned that I was moody and irritable. My response was that those are very common symptoms of mercury poisoning. Touche!

Amalgam Removal: Round Two

Much of the same story with round two. Dizziness and fatigue were the main culprits. But now with my amalgams removed I could start chelating this evil poison out of my body. I could not wait to start feeling better, but chelation is no walk in the park.