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Enlightenment: Dental Amalgams Can Cause Neurological Symptoms

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One July 23, 2014, two days after visiting a traditional MD with disastrous effect, I had a consultation with a holistic doctor. Suffice it to say, this was a much better visit that was based heavily on trying to determine cause and building trust rather than getting me out the door with some pills and shots.

At this point my symptoms were primarily swelling in my left foot and muscle aches in my left arm(which I thought were carpal tunnel syndrome), muscle spasms in my calf muscles, and irregular blood pressure that sent me to the ER. My practitioner was actually an FNP who worked under the supervision of a German trained MD (this comes in handy later). He performed a traditional medical history and examination.

One of the last things that he mentioned in the physical examination was that I had 6 mercury fillings that could be causing these problems. Initially I didn’t think too much about it because I figured that my dentist from 20 years ago wouldn’t have put something unsafe in my mouth.

At the end of the appointment I was given a homeopathic remedy, Zincum, which is basically a very high dose of Zinc, a taurine/GABA supplement called Kavinace to help with my increasing anxiety, a Methyl B12 complex supplement to provide support to nerve cells, and a recomendation to see a biologic dentist to have my amalgams removed. We discussed seeing the neurologist that I was referred to for a nerve conduction study in a month if symptoms didn’t improve.

Homeopathic Zincum

After the visit I was highly skeptical of the Zincum homeopathic remedy. While it didn’t permanently fix anything, I did notice a significant decrease in muscle spasms for a few days while I was taking it. This makes sense in that Mercury nestles itself into binding sites and disrupts a large number of biological processes. A large dose of zinc would help to displace some of the mercury in the sizes and reduce some of the mercury symptoms.

As soon as I stopped taking Zincum, symptoms began to return and increase. This prompted me to schedule the neurologist appointment sooner rather than later. However, I did not immediately schedule an appointment with the biological dentist. That would require me to suffer some more scary symptoms. Mercury obliged very shortly thereafter.