Mercury Poisoning

Successfully Navigating Chronic Mercury Poisoning / Amalgam Illness

Disaster: Adverse Vaccine Reaction

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During the month of June 2014, I started to develop further neurological symptoms. The swelling sensations in my left leg and arm were accompanied by muscle fasciculation (spasms) and chest congestion. It wasn’t much but it was noticeable, annoying and frightening. Muscle fasciculation is associated with a number of conditions ranging from the rather benign vitamin B12 deficiency to Multiple Sclerosis and the worst possible neurological condition: ALS.

Getting Multiple Opinions

At this point I decided to make appointments with a traditional allopathic doctor (MD) and a more holistic MD. The allopathic doctor came first. He was an ardent pill pusher who seemed to care little about coming to a diagnosis. He mentioned neurological testing and ALS. What an asshole! The last thing a patient wants to hear is that they should be tested for ALS.

Vaccinations: Mercury and Aluminum

He ended up prescribing me Flonase for the chest congestion. Then he suggested updating my TDaP vaccine since I was a relatively new father and was expecting another in just a few months. The logic made sense to me. I personally, was against the accelerated vaccine schedule due to heavy metals like mercury and aluminum. However, my logic said that since I’m older, I should be able to more effectively handle a vaccination.

I should have known better though. Over the years I had progressively been unable to handle vaccinations as well as I had when I was younger. Vaccination sites would typically be sore for a couple weeks at a time. I should have listened to my gut. Instead my condition accelerated quickly.

This TDaP shot with its aluminum adjuvant caused an acute spike in my symptoms. Prior to the vaccine my spasms occurred a few times a day and were isolated in my calf muscles. After the vaccine, it was constant and widespread. Spasms would occur about 50-60 times per minute and were felt on my arms, upper legs, feet, chest, back, shoulders, neck and face. It was terrifying.

Later I would find out that aluminum and mercury act synergistically in a highly toxic dance to disrupt your neurological systems(1). So I learned a lesson the hard way. Do NOT get vaccines while you are mercury poisoned. It will place additional stress on your body at a time when you are least prepared to handle it.

This visit was a disaster. I entered with anxiety. I exited with a neurologist referral, terrible anxiety and more neurological symptoms. Hope was just around the corner though as my appointment with the holistic doctor was in just a few days.

1. (Haley, BE, Pendergrass JC ,Lovell, M., Univ. of Kentucky Chemistry Dept., paper presented to the Institute of Medicine Immunization Safety Review Committee, Spring 2001)