Mercury Poisoning

Successfully Navigating Chronic Mercury Poisoning / Amalgam Illness


I am an avid health nut that co-founded The Paleo List. However, in early 2014 my health hit a brick wall. In February 2014 I failed a life insurance screen due to protein my urine. In May 2014 I began experiencing very odd neurological symptoms like tingling, muscle spasms, swelling and irregular blood pressure.

Luckily I had just moved to St. Louis, MO and my doctor’s office just so happened to be one of two in the area that specialized in chronic mercury poisoning caused by dental amalgams. I say lucky because I know that many people suffer years or decades before they realize that their problem was due to mercury. I found out within 3 months of starting to experience symptoms.

This is my story of discovery, treatment and hope for others.

My Mercury Story - Progession, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Amalgam Illness

Discovery - Mercury poisoning symptoms slowly show their ugly face

Disaster Strikes - A visit to a traditional MD results in a massive increase in symptoms

Enlightenment - Apparently my dentist was trying to kill me slowly

Escalation of Symptoms - Maybe a neurologist knows what’s wrong with me.

Amalgam Removal - Maybe it’s my fillings. It’s worth a shot.

Road to Recovery - Confirming mercury poisoning with the DMPS Challenge test.

Is it Lead Poisoning? - Be cautious with EDTA Challenge

5 Month Post Amalgam Update - Mercury Dump Phase

… More to come